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Organic rice oil 60ml



INCI: Oryza sativa

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Product no.: 0011145
EAN code: 8594203670037


Contains: Rice 60ml

INCI: Oryza sativa

    affects hair growth
    It is used in the care of eyelashes and eyebrows
    wraps with rice oil - to improve the condition of thin and damaged hair
    long and successfully used in cosmetics
    Natural antioxidants prolong skin youth
    an excellent moisturizing, nourishing and protective agent for all skin types, even the most sensitive
    is hypoallergenic
    it is easily absorbed and does not clog pores - it is suitable for the care of children's skin
    helps to regenerate the skin
    prevents wrinkles, increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin

Country of origin: Thailand

Manufacturer: Alena Thomas, Kostelany 143, 767 01




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