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Natural pink clay 50g



A mixture of kaolin and red clay


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Clay, also called mineral soil, is rich in trace minerals and essential minerals that can vary depending on the growing area. It was created during the Ice Age and has long been used as a beauty care product. The alumina skin care compositions are essentially selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium and silicic acid. The natural cosmetic product cleanses and detoxifies the skin. In the manufacture of soap, it can be processed as a natural dye as well as a care additive.
Pink clay is a mixture of red and white clay. Cleanses, disinfects and softens the skin. Specially designed for sensitive skin, it is ideal for children's cosmetics. It can be used to care for dry, colored hair.
Cosmetic use:
Masks, peelings, bath additives, conditioners, shampoos.
SiO2 64.85%
23:50 Al2O3%
MgO 0.50%
04:35 Fe2O3%
TiO2 0.07%
K2O 3.00%
Na2O ≤ 0.10%
CaO 0.55%


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