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Natural blue clay 50g



A mixture of kaolin and ultramarine


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Blue clay is a mixture of kaolin and ultramarine.
It is rich in silica and known for its low concentration of mineral salts.
It is less absorbent than green clay.
Cleanses, maintains and revitalizes extremely sensitive skin.
Cosmetic use: masks, peelings, bath additive, conditioners, additives in creams.
Intended for cosmetic use. Not for internal use. Intended for further processing. Store in a dry place.

Contains: Kaolin and ultramarine

Net amount 50g.

Country of origin: France

Manufacturer: Alena Thomas, Kostelany 143, 767 00

SiO2 66.00%
 Al2O3 23.50%
 Fe2O3 0.80%
 Na2O + K2O 0.50%
 CaO + MgO 0.50%


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