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Natural Moroccan clay 50g




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Moroccan clay rich in minerals and vitamins gently but effectively removes impurities and dead cells, loosens clogged pores, harmonizes sebum production, smoothes the skin and stimulates blood circulation. It has beneficial effects in the treatment of acne and other skin diseases and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

INCI: Moroccan lava clay

Packaging: paper

Country of origin: Morocco

Mix a small amount of clay with water to form a thicker slurry that will not run off. Then apply it on the skin or hair for 5 minutes, leave it to act and then wash in clean water with circular movements.

Not for internal use. Intended for further processing. Store in a dry place.
Intended for cosmetic use.

Manufacturer: Alena Thomas, Kostelany 143, 767 01, IČ: 60517450


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