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DIY Kit: Raspberry lip balm 2pcs



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he ideal package for beginners of production with children. Because we understand how difficult it can be to muster the courage to start making new things, we have decided to ease your initial hesitation and uncertainty. We have prepared some of the most popular packages for production with weighed raw materials and detailed instructions.

The package contains: 5g of organic beeswax, 15ml of a mixture of jojoba, castor oil and raspberry perfume oil, 0.2g of pearl violet pigment, 2x lipstick and detailed instructions.

If you enjoyed production, know that this is just the beginning. Your next product may have other 100+ variants. It can be supplemented with fragrant essences, vitamins, minerals, clays, even extracts from medicinal herbs or resins. The result is always original, clear and, most importantly, purely natural and healthy. The possibilities of domestic production are endless.



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