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Cocoa butter 100 g



Theobroma cacao seed butter

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Product no.: 33332
Obal: Papírová kapsička
Čisté množství: 100g
Dostupnost: Okamžitě k odeslání
INCI: Theobroma cacao seed butter
EAN code: 8594203671836


Contains: Cocoa butter -Theobroma cacao seed butter

Cocoa butter is fat obtained by pressing and subsequent filtration from cocoa tree shells. Up to 15 m high, evergreen cocoa tree originally comes from tropical America. Today's growing areas are in Africa, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and New Guinea. Deodorization removes foreign substances, dyes and odors, so the result is a clean, firm quality of light yellow color and a slightly cocoa-like odor. Liquid cocoa butter drips to get well-dosed pellets. Cocoa butter in pellets are especially suitable for cosmetic products. They represent an excellent consistency regulator for skin care creams.

Intended for cosmetic use. Intended for further processing. Store in a dry place.

Net amount 100g

Country of origin: Ghana

Manufacturer: Alena Thomas, Kostelany 143, 767 01

Weighted cocoa butter.


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