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1+1 DIY Kit Gentle apricot skin cream



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Do you want to start making a healthy drugstore at home and you are afraid that it is difficult? Or do you want to give someone you think would enjoy making your own face cream, balm, shampoo or washing powder? Start a new home-made lifestyle! 

Production package: Gentle skin cream - Apricot The package contains raw materials for the production of cream with instructions for production.

This package contains: 20 ml of apricot oil, 4 g of emulsifying wax, 5 ml of vegetable glycerin, 1 ml of preservative with essence, silver cosmetic box and detailed instructions. Package does not contain: 30ml of soft water (baby, filtered or distilled)

If you enjoyed production, know that this is just the beginning. Your next product may have other 100+ variants. It can be supplemented with fragrant essences, vitamins, minerals, clays, even extracts from medicinal herbs or resins. The result is always original, clear and, most importantly, purely natural and healthy. The possibilities of domestic production are endless.


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